Engineering language is expressed in drawing & drafting .Its a means of communicating with dimensions ,proportions , scale of machine or a building describing its details like the shape , size and section by a verbal or written language is very difficult henceforth Graphic language is used to express drawings .People who do these measured drawings are called as Draftsmen.

            Civil draftsman play a key role in the civil design industry .They do the 2d & 3d modeling of the buildings. They get well paid as a fresher and with experience.

Course Fees : 35000

Course Fees(NRI) $: 1350

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Scope & Career

Scope & Career

  • Commercial Buildings drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Airports drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Shopping Malls  drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Hospitals , Office complex drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Residential buildings drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Petro Chemical Complex drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Oil & gas need Civil Draftsman
  • Off shore Industry drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Refinery drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Industrial plants drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Energy sector drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Chemical process drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • EPC industry drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Consulting engineering drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Pharmaceutical industry drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Project & Construction drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Cement and Fertilizer drawing by Civil Draftsman
  • Power plants drawing by Civil Draftsman


I.  Civil Draftsman:-

  • Free hand sketching .
  • Use of drawing instruments and materials .
  • Drawing conventional lines according to ISI code. Folding of sheets .
  • Print all types of lettering and use of all stencils
  • Construct, read and use of plain, comparative, diagonal, vernier scales .
  • Construct plain geometrical figures .
  • 2d & 3d drafting.


  • Solve simple problems on projecting of points, lines surfaces and solids .
  • Draw sketches from models.
  • Have through knowledge in conventional signs and symbols.
  • Plan , Elevation , section of buildings.
  • Isometric of building views.
  • Have correct concept and sketch the arrangement of bricks in different types of bonds in building and in foundation.
  • Prepare drawing of stone masonry and scaffolding.
  • Have knowledge to prevent the structure with DPC.
  • Draw different ground floors.
  • Draw various types of arches and lintels.
  • Draw different types of doors and windows including knowledge of carpentry joints.
  • Draw different types of roof with all details.

III.  BMC DRAWING for approval

  • Draw upper floors including general principles of constructions
  • Draw and design staircases.
  • Draw plan, section, and elevation of residential buildings (single & double) with help of sketches, and line diagrams .
  • Follow principle of planning, local building by laws with ISI standards .
  • Draw perspective view of building including coloring practice & shading.
  • Making inking lerroy set printing of letters and tracing including practice of blue prints and ammonia prints .

IV.  Civil DraftsmanSoftware’s

  • Auto Cad.


 V.  Live Projects for Civil Draftsman (2 Nos)

  • Shopping Mall – Civil Drafting.
  • Residential – Civil Drafting.
  • Hotel – Civil Drafting.
  • Industrial   – Civil Drafting.
Audience & Eligibility

Audience & Eligibility

Eligibility for  Civil Drafting

  • 8 th or 10 th pass candidates
  • Electrical/ civil/ Instrumentation/ Mechanical /Consulting “Engineers and Students”
  •  Diploma Holders/ Technicians
  •  Draftsmen
Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews

We train our junior engineers to present themselves well and pass their interviews .They are well prepared through continuous mock interviews that provides confidence to our engineers.

A detailed session of the below mentioned format for the mock interview is provided by DA.


  • Interviews
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Interview tips
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Behavioral Interviews
  • Technical Interviews
  • Site Visits
  • Dress for Success
  • No Show Interview Policy
  • Industry Research Guide
  • Industry Expectations
  • Thank You Letters
  • Email Correspondence
Training Features

Training Features

  • Since 14 years in HVAC engineering.
  • Our mentors have 5 to 10 year industrial knowledge in HVAC engineering.
  • Senior lead HVAC engineers convert the candidates to junior HVAC engineers.
  • Live Chat with faculty.
  • Virtual class rooms.
  • Audio & Video tutorials.
  • Based upon real projects on HVAC engineering.
  • In Plant visit for candidates.
  • Hands on training on leading software.
  • Career counseling & guidance.
  • 100 % job oriented training program.
  • Best placement records are maintained till now.
Personality Development

Personality Development

Who has a good personality?

Anyone who presents himself well, deals with problems wins situations and influence people through excellent communication and interpersonal skills, has a pleasing personality. DA will polish the interpersonal skills of the engineers matching the industry.

  1. Leadership in Projects
  2. Interpersonal Relations with colleagues
  3. Communication in organizations
  4. Stress Management at work
  5. Group Dynamics and Team Building
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Performance Appraisal
  8. Time Management at work
  9. Motivation

We have professionals from the personality development, who will train each and every raw engineer of DA, to fit the industry culture in terms corporate behaviour.


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