HVAC Engineering is a highly booming industry with huge demand oriented career in it. All Chemical, process LPG, CNG, Oil & gas Pharmaceutical Industries are dependent on HVAC engineering  for the comfort level .HVAC engineering  consumes more than 60% to 70 % of energy load in all commercial building . HVAC engineers from the Industry with leading professionals selected by ASHRAE conduct this program.

Course Fees : 35000

Course Fees(NRI) $: 1350

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Scope & Career

Scope & Career

Scope & Carrer of HVAC Engineering:

  • Design of HVAC Engineering
  • Project Manager of HVAC engineering
  • HVAC Design project
  • Manufacturing of HVAC engineering products
  • Operation of HVAC system
  • Layout of HVAC
  • Analytical Maintenance of HVAC System
  • Technical sales of HVAC
  • Field Engineering of HVAC
  • Application & Installation of HVAC


Career of HVAC Engineering:

  • Commercial Buildings needs HVAC engineering
  • Airports needs HVAC engineering
  • Shopping Malls  needs HVAC engineering
  • Hospitals , Office complex needs HVAC engineering
  • Residential buildings needs HVAC engineering
  • Petro Chemical Complex needs HVAC engineering
  • Oil & gas need HVAC engineering
  • Off shore Industry needs HVAC engineering
  • Refinery needs HVAC engineering
  • Industrial plants needs HVAC engineering
  • Energy sector needs HVAC engineering
  • Chemical process needs HVAC engineering
  • EPC industry needs HVAC engineering
  • Consulting engineering needs HVAC engineering
  • Pharmaceutical industry needs HVAC engineering
  • Project & Construction needs HVAC engineering
  • Cement and Fertilizer needs HVAC engineering
  • Power plants needs HVAC engineering


I.  HVAC drafting : Introduction

  • Introduction and Fundamentals of Air Conditioning.
  • Modes of Heat Transfer
  • Basic Components of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration machines
  • Refrigeration cycle – Line Diagrams
  • Basic Refrigeration Cycle
  • Chill water cycle
  • Air cooled Chillers
  • Water cooled Chillers
  • Types of Air conditioning
    • 1)Window A/ C
    • 2)Spilt A/ C
    • 3)Package A/ C
    • 4)Central A/ C
  • Categories of Air Conditioning -All air system ,All water system ,Air water system
  • Study of psychometric charts Direct Refrigerant system


II.  HVAC Drafting : Detailing

  • Survey of Building
  • Materials used in the Building Finding Temperature difference and U Factor For Wall, Glass, Roof, Partition
  • Load Calculations. Filling of E-20 Forms as per ASHRAE Standards for finding TR
  • ADP &CFM calculation
  • Insulation 0f DUCT, Balancing of Duct, Leakage Test
  • Static Pressure calculation for selection of motor & Fan
  • Pipe size. Calculation (chill water pipe
  • Fittings used in piping.
  • Air Distribution system
  • Fire Fighting Equipment (Awareness).


III.  HVAC Drafting : working Drawings


  • Duct-Definition and types
  • Materials of Duct and its specification (Gauge)
  • Duct design consideration for Duct sizing as per Aspect Ratio
  • Duct size method Equal Friction method Velocity reduction method. Static regain method
  • Finding Duct size using Ductalator & Duct sizer software
  • Calculation of No of sheets
  • Symbols as per DW144 international standards
  • Preparation of single line diagram (SLD) in drawing sheet
  • Layouts (Double line)
  • Sectional Drawing of DUCTS & its supports.
  • Wall openings drawings wherever duct is passing through walls
  • Sectional drawing of pipe & its supports


IV.  HVAC drafting Software’s


  • XL Sheet for load calculation
  • Revit MEP.


V.  Live Projects for HVAC drafting (2 Nos)


  • Shopping Mall – HVAC drafting
  • Residential – HVAC drafting
  • Hotel – HVAC drafting
  • Office – HVAC drafting
Audience & Eligibility

Audience & Eligibility

Audience for HVAC  Engineering

  • Purchase, Design, Fabrication, Inspection of HVAC engineering
  • Architects
  • Sales Engineers
  • Facility managers
  • Manufacturing
  • Repair Organization
  • Inspection agencies
  • Industry in design, Maintenance & Repair of Industrial plants

Eligibility for  HVAC  Engineering

  • B. Tech / B.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • Diploma  in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • M .Tech / M.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering
Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews

We train our junior engineers to present themselves well and pass their interviews .They are well prepared through continuous mock interviews that provides confidence to our engineers.

A detailed session of the below mentioned format for the mock interview is provided by DA.


  • Interviews
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Interview tips
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Behavioral Interviews
  • Technical Interviews
  • Site Visits
  • Dress for Success
  • No Show Interview Policy
  • Industry Research Guide
  • Industry Expectations
  • Thank You Letters
  • Email Correspondence
Training Features

Training Features

  • Since 14 years in HVAC engineering.
  • Our mentors have 5 to 10 year industrial knowledge in HVAC engineering.
  • Senior lead HVAC engineers convert the candidates to junior HVAC engineers.
  • Live Chat with faculty.
  • Virtual class rooms.
  • Audio & Video tutorials.
  • Based upon real projects on HVAC engineering.
  • In Plant visit for candidates.
  • Hands on training on leading software.
  • Career counseling & guidance.
  • 100 % job oriented training program.
  • Best placement records are maintained till now.
Personality Development

Personality Development

Who has a good personality?

Anyone who presents himself well, deals with problems wins situations and influence people through excellent communication and interpersonal skills, has a pleasing personality. DA will polish the interpersonal skills of the engineers matching the industry.

  1. Leadership in Projects
  2. Interpersonal Relations with colleagues
  3. Communication in organizations
  4. Stress Management at work
  5. Group Dynamics and Team Building
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Performance Appraisal
  8. Time Management at work
  9. Motivation

We have professionals from the personality development, who will train each and every raw engineer of DA, to fit the industry culture in terms corporate behaviour.


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