Today is the world of architecture and building where complex buildings are being erected day by day. Taller structures have even become the icon of development of a country. This answers the great importance given to construction related works and the huge demand for efficient and experienced workers in the field. In most developed and fast growing countries there are huge demands for experienced Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)  workers on huge projects such as the construction of airports, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and such where central air conditioning system is applied.

MEP Engineering deals with Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems which have a vital role in the building industry. Mechanical part includes heating, ventilating and cooling systems often referred to as HVAC. HVAC design is the major sub discipline of Mechanical Engineering based on the principles of thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics and heat transfer. A Buildings heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system creates a climate that allows for maximum comfort by compensating for changing climatic conditions. An efficient HVAC Design Engineer must need to know how to make indoor comfort with operational savings and energy efficiency as well as how to create blue prints for projects using computer aided design and drafting systems Electrical Engineering is the branch of Engineering science that specializes in the Electrical design, construction, and practical use of electrical systems. Electrical system design deals with analysis and application of Power transmission and Distribution, Lighting systems, telecommunication, fire alarm systems, Closed Circuit Television and Public addressable systems. Plumbing part usually deals with water distribution and drainage systems, CP & Sanitary fixtures orientation design, waste water treatment process and fire fighting systems

Course Fees : 90000

Course Fees(NRI) $: 3000

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Scope & Career

Scope & Career

Scope & Career of MEP Engineering:

  • Design of HVAC Engineering
  • Project Manager of HVAC or ELECTRICAL engineering
  • PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING Design project
  • Manufacturing of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineering products
  • Operation of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING system
  • Analytical Maintenance of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING System
  • Technical sales of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING
  • Field Engineering of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING
  • Application & Installation of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING


Career of MEP Engineering:

  • Commercial Buildingsneeds MEP engineering
  • Airports needsMEP engineering
  • Shopping Malls  needs MEP engineering
  • Hospitals , Office complexneeds MEP engineering
  • Residential buildingsneeds MEPengineering
  • Petro Chemical ComplexneedsMEP engineering
  • Oil & gasneed MEP engineering
  • Off shore Industryneeds MEP engineering
  • Refinery needs MEP engineering
  • Industrial plantsneeds MEP engineering
  • Energy sectorneeds MEP engineering
  • Chemical processneeds MEP engineering
  • EPC industryneeds MEP engineering
  • Consulting engineeringneeds MEP engineering
  • Pharmaceutical industryneeds MEP engineering
  • Project & Constructionneeds MEP engineering
  • Cement and Fertilizerneeds MEP engineering
  • Power plantsneeds MEP engineering


MEP course-syllabus


  •  Overview of Industry and Scope of HVAC
  •  Heat load calculation & psychrometric chart
  •  Normal, Split, cassette and VRV, chiller, AHU
  •  Ducting: friction & velocity method
  •  Preparation of BOQ
  •  Schematic drawing
  •  Pipe sizing, selection & design
  •  Diversity factor
  •  Basic electrical drawing
  •  Damper’s
  •  Pump head calculation
  •  Ventilation system(fresh & exhaust)
  •  Machinery & equipments
  •  Site visit


  • Electrical Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Component Description: Solar Panels, Inverters, Deep Cycle Solar Batteries, Solar Regulator     Sizing Information
  • Solar Energy usage in various buildings
  • Electricity Distribution Point: The Circuit Breaker Box (Wiring Concept)
  • Role of an Electrical Design Engineer
  • General Design Philosophy
  • Electrical Services Design Philosophy ; Electrical supply & Electricity Switch Rooms
  • Primary & Power Electrical Distribution
  • Deign standards
  • Preparation of Load Estimate.
  • Selection of transformer, DG, HV/LV switches gears.
  • Transformer sizing, DG sizing.
  • HT & LT Cable sizing.
  • Designing of overall single line diagrams for Lighting, Power distribution.
  • Preparation of earthing schematic Diagrams.
  • Preparation of transformer, DG set, electrical room layout.
  • Preparing overall cable routing layout with detailing of man whole, Hume pipes for road crossing.
  • Preparation of Power and Lighting Layouts.
  • Preparation of cable schedule.
  • Review for preparation of electrical drawings without any discrepancy.


Documentation & Layouts :


  • Drawings-:
  • Different Electrical Services: Lighting, Power, Fire Alarm, Emergency lighting Etc.
  • Protective Services : Emergency Lighting, Fire Detection Systems , Alarm System, A Fire Alarm System , Emergency Call Systems , Lightening Protection Systems , Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Use of CCTV , Soil & Waste
  • Documentation: Survey Condition Report, Budget Estimation Report, Stage Submission Report, Specifications , Drawings, Tender/Cost/ Project Report, Final Accounts Reports, Hand Over Documents.


Plumbing: Introduction-:

Plumbing is the system of pipes, drains fittings, valves, valve assemblies, and devices installed in a building for the distribution of water for drinking, heating and washing, and the removal of waterborne wastes, and the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures in such systems. Fundamentals of Plumbing System

Common Fixtures Details

National Pipe Thread (NTP)

Pipe Terminology

Pipe Varieties

Nomenclature of Pipe Fittings

Pipe and Tubing

Designing of chambers, Manholes etc.

Estimation of water Supply


Soldering & Flux

Soft & Silver Soldering


Sanitary Fixtures

Types of Pipes

Sanitary Layout

Formula for flow through pipes

Water supply

Pump selection


Drainage System

  • Internal Sanitary Drainage System


Designing Procedure

Requirement & Types for Sanitary and Internal Sanitary Drainage System

Material used for Sanitary Drainage & its Schematic Layout

Pipe Sizing & Calculation


  • External Sanitary Drainage System


Designing Procedure

Pipe Sizing & Calculation

  • Storm Water Drainage System


Designing Procedure

Pipe Sizing & Calculation

  • Calculations


Slope by Manning’s formula

Depth of Inspection Chamber/Manholes

Using Continuity Equation, Manning, s Formula and Rational Formula


Introduction to the specialized PHE

Schematic Layout of Water Treatment Plants

Schematic Layout of Sewage Treatment Plants


Plumbing Drawing

Working drawings

Detailing of plumbing services

Loop sizing – (Software).

Audience & Eligibility

Audience & Eligibility

Audience for MEP  Engineering

  • Purchase, Design, Fabrication
  • Architects
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing engineer
  • Electrical engineers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Facility managers
  • Manufacturing
  • Repair Organization
  • Inspection agencies
  • Industry in design, Maintenance & Repair of Industrial plants

Eligibility for MEP  Engineering

  • B. Tech / B.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • Diploma  in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • M .Tech / M.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering
Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews

We train our junior engineers to present themselves well and pass their interviews .They are well prepared through continuous mock interviews that provides confidence to our engineers.

A detailed session of the below mentioned format for the mock interview is provided by DA.

  • Interviews
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Interview tips 
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Behavioral Interviews
  • Technical Interviews
  • Site Visits
  • Dress for Success
  • No Show Interview Policy
  • Industry Research Guide
  • Industry Expectations
  • Thank You Letters
  • Email Correspondence
Training Features

Training Features

  • Since 14 years in PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineering.
  • Our mentors have 5 to 10 year industrial knowledge in PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineering.
  • Senior lead PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineers convert the candidates to junior PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineers.
  • Live Chat with faculty.
  • Virtual class rooms.
  • Audio & Video tutorials.
  • Based upon real projects on PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineering.
  • In Plant visit for candidates.
  • Hands on training on leading software.
  • Career counseling & guidance.
  • 100 % job oriented training program.
  • Best placement records are maintained till now.
Personality Development

Personality Development

Who has a good personality?

Anyone who presents himself well ,deals with problems wins situations and influence people through excellent communication and interpersonal skills ,has a pleasing personality .DA will polish the interpersonal skills of the engineers matching the industry.

  1. Leadership in Projects
  2. Interpersonal Relations with colleagues
  3. Communication in organizations
  4. Stress Management at work
  5. Group Dynamics and Team Building
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Performance Appraisal
  8. Time Management at work
  9. Motivation

We have professionals from the personality development ,who will train  each and every raw engineer of DA, to fit the industry culture  in terms corporate behaviour.


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