Piping Engineering and its equipments lead for 25% of total investment in all chemical, process, LPG/ CNG Plant, oil and pharmaceutical plants.

            After the plant layout design the Pipe stress analysis engineers play a vital role in finalizing what the piping engineers have designed. The piping engineers get the approval of the pipe stress analysis team and then only proceed with the detailing.

Selection criteria for lines subject to comprehensive stress analysis, Design temperature, Environmental temperature, Design pressure, Vibration, Loads, Bending moment on valves, flanges and mechanical joints, Flexible joints, Cold springing, Spring supports, Loads from piping systems on equipment are all explained in detail in this Pipe stress analysis course module.

Course Fees : 50000

Course Fees(NRI) $: 1875

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Scope & Career

Scope & Career


  • Project Manager of PIPE STRESS ANALYSIS
  • Lead engineer : stress analysis


Support in Refinery, petro chemical & chemical Industry


  • Power plants needs Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • Petro Chemical Complex needs Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • Oil & gas need Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • Off shore Industry needs Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • Refinery needs Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • Industrial plants needs Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • Energy sector needs Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • Chemical process needs Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • EPC industry needs Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • Consulting engineers needs Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • Pharmaceutical industry needs Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • Project & Construction needs Pipe Stress analysis engg
  • Cement and Fertilizer needs Pipe Stress analysis engg


I.  Pipe Strss analysis : Introduction 


  • Objectives & Definition of pipe Stress Analysis
  • Information Required for pipe Stress Analysis
  • Piping Loads – Static & Dynamic for pipe Stress Analysis
  • Static &Dynamic Analysis
  • Forces, Moments & Stress Calculations for pipe Stress Analysis.
  • Requirements of ASME B 31.3 Code – Sustained Loads, Thermal Expansion & Occasional Loads for pipe Stress Analysis.
  • Classification of Loads
  • Solutions for piping Loads..


 II.  Pipe Stress Analysis : Design

Pipe Span Calculations

  • Span limitations based on Stress, Deflection & Natural Frequency.
  • Allowable Pipe Span Calculations for pipe Stress Analysis
  • Suggested Pipe Support Spacing
  • Pipe Span Reduction factor for Elbows, Concentrated Loads etc.
  • Selection of Supports for pipe Stress Analysis.
  • Location of Supports and Restraints.

Flexibility Analysis using ASME B 31.3 Code Equations

  • Thermal Expansion Stress  – Se and Code Allowable Thermal Displacement Stress Range Sa.
  • Stress Range Reduction Factors – f
  • Bending & Torsional Stress
  • Formal Analysis Requirements for pipe Stress Analysis
  • Inplane & Outplane Bending Moments for pipe Stress Analysis
  • Stress Intencification Factors – SIF for pipe Stress Analysis
  • Calculation of Thermal Expansion Stress for pipe Stress Analysis.
  • Cold Spring for pipe Stress Analysis.



Sustained Loads – Internal Pressure & Longitudinal Stresses

  • Theories of Failure for pipe Stress Analysis
  • Stresses acting in Pipe due to internal Pressure for pipe Stress Analysis
  • Sustained Loads Qualification

Occasional Load Stresses

  • Wind Load for pipe Stress Analysis
  • Seismic Load for pipe Stress Analysis
  • Water Hammer Load for pipe Stress Analysis
  • Analyzing Vibrating Pipe for pipe Stress Analysis


IV.  Software’s In Pipe Stress Analysis

  • Introduction
  • Nozzle Thermal Growth Calculations – pumps, vessels, heat exchangers.
  • Modeling of Piping elements & isometrics – Bends, Reducers, Valves, Loops
  • Performing Static Analysis.
  • Modifying Load Cases.
  • Hanger Selection
  • Set up of Wind Load Cases.
  • Set up of SUS, OPE, EXP, HYD, HGR, & OCC loads.
  • Load Case Editor
  • Viewing Reports
  • Equipment Nozzle Load Qualifications
  • Coding technique of Vessel Piping includes both piping and vessel coding in Caesar II.
  • Local vessel flexibilities
  • Evaluation of local vessel stresses
  • Practical Examples – Input, Analysis & Redesign.


V.  Live Projects : 2 no’s 

  • Power plants needs piping engineers
  • Petro Chemical Complex needs Piping engineers
  • Oil & gas need Piping engineers
  • Off shore Industry needs piping engineers
Audience & Eligibility

Audience & Eligibility

Audience of CAESAR

  • Purchase, Design, Fabrication, Inspection of piping
  • Manufacture
  • Repair Organization
  • Inspection agencies
  • Industry in design, Maintenance & Repair of Industrial plants

Eligibility of CAESAR

  • B. Tech / B.E in Mechanical// Chemical// Production Engineering
  • Diploma  in Mechanical// Chemical// Production Engineering
  • M.Tech / M.E in Mechanical// Chemical// Production Engineering
Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews

We train our junior engineers to present themselves well and pass their interviews .They are well prepared through continuous mock interviews that provides confidence to our engineers.

A detailed session of the below mentioned format for the mock interview is provided by DA.


  • Interviews
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Interview tips
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Behavioral Interviews
  • Technical Interviews
  • Site Visits
  • Dress for Success
  • No Show Interview Policy
  • Industry Research Guide
  • Industry Expectations
  • Thank You Letters
  • Email Correspondence
Training Features

Training Features

  • Since 14 years.
  • Our mentors have 3 to 10 year industrial knowledge.
  • Senior lead engineers convert the candidates to junior engineers..
  • Live Chat with faculty.
  • Virtual class rooms.
  • Audio & Video tutorials.
  • Based upon real projects.
  • In Plant visit for candidates..
  • Hands on training on leading software.
  • Career counseling & guidance .
  • 100 % job oriented training program.
  • Best placement records are maintained till now.
Personality Development

Personality Development

Who has a good personality?

Anyone who presents himself well, deals with problems wins situations and influence people through excellent communication and interpersonal skills, has a pleasing personality. DA will polish the interpersonal skills of the engineers matching the industry.

  1. Leadership in Projects
  2. Interpersonal Relations with colleagues
  3. Communication in organizations
  4. Stress Management at work
  5. Group Dynamics and Team Building
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Performance Appraisal
  8. Time Management at work
  9. Motivation

We have professionals from the personality development, who will train each and every raw engineer of DA, to fit the industry culture in terms corporate behaviour.


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